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Green transformation is the survival of the hardware industry
Release Date:2016-06-22

"At present, China's hardware industry showing the scale and diversified development trend, hardware professional market oversupply situation. In this context, the hardware industry to seek sustainable development, we must adjust the structure, strengthen innovation driven and protect the ecological environment of organic combination, to promote the transformation and upgrading of the hardware industry." Lao Jianbin, President of the National Federation of industry and Commerce hardware and electrical chamber of Commerce, said in an interview with reporters.

Jieyang is known as China hardware base, the metal industry has about 400 thousand employees, more than 7000 enterprises, the industry is very developed. "This two day tour of the seal of Jieyang Changyuan hardware mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. and Eagle Hardware Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and other enterprises, give me left deep impression. In particular, the eagle's printing, as a national tool standard system repair units, has been actively exploring, the courage to innovate, corporate restructuring and development experience is worthy of recognition." Lo Kin bin sighed, Jieyang can in research and development of technology innovation, industrial design, low carbon and environmental protection, high skilled personnel training and relentless efforts, strengthen the competitiveness of enterprises, will achieve industry transformation and upgrading and development by leaps and bounds.

When a reporter asked why the National Federation of mechanical and electrical hardware chamber of Commerce in Jieyang held enlarged meeting, Lao Jianbin said that Jieyang has an important demonstration of hardware manufacturing industry transformation and Upgrading -- German metal eco city Jieyang the existing hardware industry base through a new concept and new model grafted with a new technology, new new talent management, the international platform, to achieve the transformation and upgrading of industries, which complies with the new focus on green development Chinese economy, it is also an important reason for selecting chamber of Commerce held a conference in Jieyang; with Chinese economic development has entered a new norm, guided by the market to promote the green transformation of hardware industry, and to achieve cluster development is. An important trend. In exposing period. Through field study and lo Kin bin on the German metal eco city "leading Party committee leadership, government guidance, the association, main business, the operation of the market" for the development of the new model to be highly appreciated, he believes that the new model both played a decisive role in the market, and to bringing the guiding role of the government into full play, will be a template for the upgrade of the transformation of traditional industry of China.

As we all know, metal processing is a heavy pollution industry, in which the electroplating and pickling process will produce a lot of waste water, if the direct discharge of rivers, will inevitably lead to heavy metal pollution. Interview, Lo Kin bin of the eco city in the German metal electroplating wastewater treatment plant production line across the board through and become the first by electroplating wastewater "zero emission" technology to the construction of electroplating park full of praise, said German metal eco city fundamentally governance polluting industries, open the Jie Yang hardware industry pollution "zero emissions" in the new era. Lao Jianbin said that the green transformation is the hardware industry survival, enterprises actively explore the practice of economic efficiency and environmental benefits of mutual benefit and win-win development model, will be the inevitable choice to promote the sustainable development of enterprises.

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