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Machine tool manufacturers to develop new industries into the robot field
Release Date:2016-06-22

With the rise of the industrial robot industry, traditional machine tool industry market by the unprecedented impact, machine tool industry profit margins decline year by year. However, robot market is getting better and better, which makes machine tool enterprises have transformation, use their accumulated over the years the equipment manufacturing technology, to enter the field of Robotics.

Under this environment, a large number of domestic machine tool industry leaders, led by Guangzhou, began to develop the robot technology, to enter the field of industrial robots. Compared to other industries, the machine tool industry to enter the robotics has a great advantage of innate, key technology of the robot never motion control, and motion control is to ensure the precision of the machine tool is an important technology, that is machine tool manufacturing and robot manufacturing in technology have some similarities.

Industrial robots currently in addition to the traditional welding applications, in spraying, assembly, of materials, transportation and other fields has been widely used, metal forming machine tool is an important part of the machine tool, the larger form processing work intensity, noise pollution is serious and harsh working environment and other factors lead to workers are reluctant to engage in this work. Industrial robot has changed this situation, not only solve the enterprise "recruitment difficult" problem, and improve the processing efficiency and safety, improve the accuracy of product processing.

In addition, the Chinese robot market in the future can be expected to grow rapidly or the machine industry has set foot in one of the key reasons. Institute of High Technology Research Institute of robotics statistics show that in 2015 China's industrial robot demand reached 10 billion 900 million yuan, an increase of 16%, the future will continue to grow rapidly.

At present, the rapid momentum of development of industrial robot industry, and traditional machine tool industry impact, under the new situation, enterprises make use of own in the field of manufacturing accumulated technology, torrent Yong Jin, and actively explore the new industry, realize the transformation and upgrading of enterprise technology.

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