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Machine tool industry across the transformation and upgrading
Release Date:2016-06-22

On May 29, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, Huazhong University of science and technology, Professor, doctoral student tutor Zheng Cheng Duan in the Chinese manufacturing 2025 and intelligent manufacturing "in the title of the speech, so listen to the report of the I city machine tool industry enterprises Mister refreshing.

Machine tool industry is one of the leading industries in our city, and it is also one of the leading industries in our city. After 30 years of development, and gradually formed a CNC machine tool, special equipment and all kinds of industry and trade volume of cutting tools based industrial pattern, the emergence of a group has greater influence on the key enterprises in the industry.

In 2015, the city's more than 1200 machine tool enterprises to achieve total output value of yuan, the rate of new product output value of 35%, the industry's trademark ownership rate reached 98%. In recent years, in the national Ministry of industry, China Machinery Industry Association, China machinery industry brand promoting and expert attention and support, the city has been rated as "China Tool City", "Zhejiang Province machine tool and tools industry demonstration base." September 2014, the machine tool industry cluster is the Ministry of industry and information included in the national regional industrial clusters brand building pilot since, in our city in the ride platform, a standard, laying the brand efforts, to build a bridge for enterprise innovation to pave the way, many companies won the national and industry recognition.

On the same day, the city also held machine tool industry transformation and upgrading of theme report, Zhengcheng, machine tool, the State Quality Supervision and inspection center senior engineer Zhang, Chongqing University Professor, national machine quality and reliability of expert Zhang Genbao respectively for the "made in China by 2025 and wisdom can make the machine quality and reliability research" "machine safety standardization research" theme of the report.

After listening to the reports of academicians and experts, entrepreneurs, said enterprise in play to their own advantages to consciousness to their own shortcomings, and must have the innovation, build quality products, to "high, refined, special, special, sharp" development, let Wenling machine tool industry, the formation of the nation's leading to gather superiority, manufacturing, complementary advantages, talent advantage and market advantages, out of a Wenling characteristics, the development by leaps and bounds.

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